In Need of a Makeover

My Site Needs a Makeover

I’m getting tired of seeing all the gray and white. Sadly, I have no time to work on a new layout. *sigh*

My Wardrobe Needs a Makeover

You have no idea.. I recycle the same outfits to work every week. Some days, I look like I’m 30 something going on 80. It’s pretty lame. Why don’t I go shopping you ask? Because I really suck at it. When I go to the mall, I usually end up spending hours at one store, only to walk out with one outfit that I usually stop wearing after a few weeks. In addition, I don’t feel too inspired to buy clothes for the size that I currently wear.

My Life Needs a Makeover

At this time, life feels like one vicious cycle after another:

From Monday through Friday, I try to wake up between 5:30am and 6:am to get ready for work. To be honest, I usually don’t get out of bed until 6:30am – that’s how tired I feel.

I usually leave home between 7:30am and 8:00 am so that I can be at work by 9:00 am. That’s right, a 45 minutes to 1 hour commute depending on traffic. It would probably go a lot faster if I would jump on the highway, but that’s a whole other post…

I’m supposed to get off work at 6:00pm, but on most days I leave after 6:30pm.

After a 45 minutes to 1 hour drive back, I arrive at the nursing home to chill out with moms. I have a little routine with her where I comb her hair, exercise her arms and feet, do her mouth care, and help clean her if needed. I’ve also been watching the debates there while I hang out with her since I haven’t yet upgraded my cable at home. Yeah it’s a bit ghetto, but whateva. I usually don’t leave the nursing home until after 10:00pm.

By the time I get home I am beat. I usually try to hop on my lil iBook to check emails and that’s where it all stops. I have fallen asleep in the most interesting positions. So if you’ve been here before and wondered why I don’t post to this blog regularly, this is why.

My weekends are the only time I have to clean, do laundry, run errands, or just rest. Lately I have been real selfish on weekends. Where most singles my age use that time to go party and socialize, I just want to be left alone. Before I know it, it’s Sunday night. Repeat.

So what would my ideal life be like you ask?

  1. I would figure out a way to heal my mom and others like her. I would then teach others how to do the same.
  2. I would work for myself and set my own schedule.
  3. I would have multiple streams of income that are easily maintained in only a few hours (less then 20) a week. In additions, with these income sources, I would earn many times more then what I am making now.
  4. All of my debts would be paid in full.
  5. I would hire an image consultant to help me create a look that is flattering to my figure.
  6. I would spend more time on improving myself physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  7. I would start doing Kung Fu again.
  8. I would start traveling again.
  9. I would start doing volunteer work again.

Interested in helping me achieve any of the ideal scenarios I mentioned above? If so, please leave a comment or send me an email. I am all ears and grateful for any help or advice you offer. Thanks. 😉

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