A Detox, the Ego and a New Earth

I know that as a woman I should embrace the natural cycles that my body goes through, but I hate menstrual cramps. My cycle is just finishing up, and I popped more advils this past week then ever before. In my quest for a cure, I stumbled upon a blog post titled “The Low, Down and Dirty About Cooked Foods” from The Raw Divas site. In that post Tera says that after going raw she stopped having pms and cramps… could she be on to something?? With this in mind, I decided to try their 7 Day Detox. It’s totally free to do and challenging as heck for someone like me who loves cooked foods. I officially started yesterday, and I can already hear my ego voice trying to convince me that I should quit. It’s starting to win. *Sigh*

Hmmm… I think the break from cooked food has got me thinking some more on what may be the real cause of my cramps. Maybe this is my ego’s attempt at looking for a way out of becoming a raw vegan :P… The more I think about it, I’m almost positive that caffeine and dairy are the major culprits. I can give up caffeine and dairy, just not sure I’m ready to totally give up all cooked foods yet. Nice going ego.

Speaking of ego, I also decided to start reading A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose by Eckhart Tolle and to follow along with Oprah and Eckhart’s Monday night classes. I’m just finishing up chapter 2 and I must say, it’s a lot to grasp. He speaks quite a bit about the dysfunction of identifying ourselves with our ego and all the many things that it wants and needs. As I read this book, I can’t help but to think that maybe I’m not quite awakened yet. Or maybe that’s what my ego wants me to believe… Nonetheless, I intend to read the entire book and follow along with the classes. I find that I comprehend the book better after I watch the videos.

Anyhow, I gotta go. ‘Til next time. 😉

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