Customer Service Hell

I decided on Sunday that paying for Office Depot’s Brand Performance Protection Plan for my HP Pavillion was not the wisest decision I ever made. One of my buttons broke off and it was hell just to get a claim approved. Funny thing is when I had the same issue with my iBook, Apple quickly replaced my keyboard. When I called back to request for a different UPS label since I moved, the Customer Service Rep told me to scratch out my old address. When I called UPS to confirm if this was ok, they told me it wasn’t. To top it off, my battery suddenly died. Unsurprisingly, batteries are not covered under this plan. Go figure.

Anyways, in the spirit of customer service hell, here’s a video that brings it all home. If you’ve never heard the term “Dell Hell” before, you’re about to experience it now. Funny video and a true story. Enjoy!

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