A Poem and an Update

I haven’t completely abandoned this blog, but I am taking a break from blogging
consistently for a while. I’ll update here and there to keep you posted on any new developments. Once I find the time to redo this site like I originally intended, regular blogging will start up again..

I have been dealing with a lot of personal dramas, one of which I wrote a little poem about. I normally don’t write poetry, but I was up most of the night and felt this intense desire to share my experience with others. This is the first poem I’ve written in years, so keep that in mind as you read this. Peace.



by Natasha Pierre-Louis

Your are so beautiful,
Why didn’t I notice you before?
You are delightful,
Your presence moves me to the core.

I want to touch you,
but that probably wouldn’t be fair.
You don’t belong to me,
your owner’s standing over there.

But I don’t mean no harm,
I have no intent to steal…
No need to sound the alarm,
I simply wanted you to feel…

I promise I won’t take
something that doesn’t belong to me.
I promise I won’t break
someone else’s property.

Alas, I better go,
The temptation to steal you is so strong
That person doesn’t know
but my intentions are so wrong.

Maybe one day you’ll be
free to come home and live with me.
Till then we’ll wait to see
if you are truly my destiny.

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