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I have known and worked closely with Natasha for several years now and it’s always been a pleasure to work with her. Her work is of the highest caliber and she always gets it done on time. Many’s the time I’ve seen her work long and late hours into the night to make a deadline. She was respected and liked by all her co-workers. I hope to have the pleasure of working with her again.

Dr. Tim Murphrey

Natasha is a very talented and creative front-end designer. I saw her true passion for web design and user experience while working with her at Citrix. Natasha is very hardworking and has great web technology skills with an eye for detail. She makes her design look perfect before even it goes to internal demo and she has created many beautiful applications at Citrix. It was pleasure working with Natasha, she would be great addition to any team.

Dhwani Shah

Natasha possesses great skills in both User Interface Design and Development with extensive knowledge in User Experience best practices and methodology. I have worked with Natasha in many projects and I have always observed a great attention to detail and creativity in everything she does. Her positive attitude is contagious. She is creative, knowledgeable and always eager to learn and improve her skills. Natasha has always conducted herself in a professional and business-like manner. It has been a pleasure working with Natasha and I highly recommend her.

Ana Diez

Natasha is truly a well-rounded developer. I worked with her for many years and during that time I have seen her tackle problems in all aspects of the application. She is adequately capable of diving into the backend of the application as well as the front end. However, Natasha’s best quality is in the dedication and attention to detail, allowing her to create beautiful, professional looking designs in all of the web applications she was involved in.

I believe she is a very strong developer, an excellent team player, and a valuable asset to any team.

Luis Atencio

I had the pleasure to work with Natasha at various projects at Citrix and was always impressed by her knowledge beyond the “front end” work. She helped me in many ways education clients so we do the right thing for the user. I should also mention that Natasha has also great design skills which makes her a very unique talent and extremely valuable to any company.

Marta Guerra

Natasha’s passion for UI perfection is second-to-none. You can always count on a pristine result when Natasha is doing it. Natasha belongs to the rare breed who understands style very well and is also very analytical and can solve problems way outside of her comfort zone.

When Natasha gets going on a task she won’t let up until it’s finished and perfect. She is always learning about what’s new and hot and happy to learn and incorporate the latest and greatest into her work. Any team would be lucky to have her.

Gabriel Duque

Whenever I am looking for a holistic approach to a health, or even cosmetic, issue for myself and family, Natasha is the resource that I always turn to. I know that I can count on her expertise and knowledge because this is not only her passion, but it is her way of living. I am thankful for the guidance she has given me in these areas and am so glad to see her finally sharing her wealth of knowledge with so many others that seek it.

Zenobia Porter

Natasha is a first time mom who is loving, dedicated and protective of her son. She is an awesome mom !

Cris Brown

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